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Our Program 

Located in the old north of Tel Aviv, Footprints gan offers care to nineteen children, ages 1 to 3 years old, with four experienced, passionate and educated teachers.

Footprints provides two meals and one snacks daily, all made on site and with fresh and whole-grain ingredients. We use the Emergent Curriculum to guide our activities, as well as provide the following weekly classes (included in tuition): Music, Animals, Cooking, Yoga & Movement. We also have daily sensory, art, and science opportunities.

Program Hours

Regular Program 7:45 - 4:30

After Care Program 7:45 - 5:30

Friday Care: 8:00 - 12:00

Program Standards

We use NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) standards and the Washington State Early Learning and Development Guidelines to guide our curriculum planning and educator-child relationships to ensure that Footprints holds up to the highest standards of early education and childcare.

Our Curriculum

In Footprints we use the Emergent Curriculum, which falls in line with our beliefs and the latest research in child development. The philosophy states that children are naturally inclined to seek out learning opportunities and they look to educators for guidance. Educators in turn, look to the children for curriculum inspiration that is ever-changing according to the groups’ interest. We believe that this approach is the most developmentally appropriate and consistent with current research about the way children learn and explore their world.

Developmental Milestones

In every moment, we strive to nurture development in early learning domains using everyday tasks. For example, encouraging a toddler to put on his/her own shoes builds fine motor control. Singing songs with color recognition stimulates language, communication, and cognitive growth. While we encourage development through these daily tasks, we offer additional opportunities for your little ones to progress with daily guided activities.

Working Together: Educator and Family 

Early Education is a team effort: one involving family members, educators, and healthcare professionals, with the goal of creating an environment and relationships that nurture and encourage healthy development. Footprints Gan works with your family by discussing current development goals and progress.

Healthy Food makes Healthy Minds! 

We use the USDA Child Care Food Program as a guideline for our meals. This means that every breakfast is served with a fruit or vegetable, and grain; Lunches contain, fruit/vegetable, grain and protein source, and snack is a combination of two of these components. All meals are made fresh daily!


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